Remix Architecture
Reforming competitions

Remix Architecture

Our aim is to build a know-how on running alternative, open license-based two-phase architectural competitions. In the framework of Remix Architecture project we compiled a methodology to run such competitions.

First we organized a two-days workshop where we discussed the socio-cultural, political and economical aspects of running alternative architectural competitions based on open licenses, such as Creative Commons.

On the first day, we met invited experts to discuss the context and impact of such competitions. On the second day member of Remix Architecture team accompanied by curators and member of KÉK worked out a detailed methodology of such competitions.

Attila Bujdosó

Attila Bujdosó

Attila is an architect who wants to design not only buildings but the whole world. He is especially interested in the field where technology, culture and society meets and interacts. He envisions that webitics emerging in this liminal space will once replace the current political structures. He is cofounder and CEO of tech startup which aims to draft a new protocol for communication and collaboration. Before that, he was leading The Format Project at Kitchen Budapest, a research project on cultural and technological formats of cooperation. Attila never likes to be bored. He is addicted to coffee, large cities and the Internet.


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