KÉK is an independent architectural cultural centre operated by young Hungarian architects, artists and civilians. The centre aims to open new perspectives in architectural and urban thinking in Hungary through its fresh, provoking and focused programs, relevant also in international context. This organization is currently the only internationally acknowledged professional platform representing contemporary architecture in Hungary.

The activities of KÉK receive intensive local and international attention and acknowledgement. Since its foundation in 2006 almost 500 events have been organized, including Hungarian and international exhibitions, conferences, architecture tours and festivals, attracting over 400 000 visitors. KÉK also collects data on the Hungarian architectural scenery for international architecture databases, and participates in Hungarian educational program as well.

KÉK has built an extensive international network of partner organisations, such as the DAZ - Deutsches Architektur Zentrum, AzW-Architektur Zentrum Wien and CCEA-Center for Central European Architecture Prague.



Professional programs

In order to facilitate and deepen thinking about our built environment and open dialogues about architecture, KÉK produces programmes that aid research & development, conferences on thematic issues, panel discussions, lectures and presentations, workshops on Hungarian and foreign architecture and urban design for the profession as well as the wide general public.

Info centre

KÉK is an information hub that provides guidance on architecture and related art events, exhibitions, lectures and workshops through its extensive contacts both home and abroad. The Centre distributes publications on exhibitions and relevant lectures, publishes the results of research projects and studies. KÉK also undertakes to issue architectural and art publications in different languages in order to assist in representing contemporary Hungarian architecture internationally. KÉK, along with other foreign professional platforms, also plays a role in forming the professional opinion: our curators often publish reviews, studies and presentations for international press media. We also plan to launch an architecture related media-reading service that collects monographs, architectural guides, publications on architecture history and contemporary architecture, magazines, periodicals.


In cooperation with Hungarian creative universities such as the Fine Arts and Moholy-Nagy, KÉK offers courses for architects and the general public. For professionals we are organising workshops, conferences and symposiums featuring Hungarian and foreign guest speakers. For the public we are striving to promote architecture as a cultural discipline, an everyday phenomenon as well as a product of complex processes in order to help people rediscover our heritage and understand contemporary architecture. Among our programs for the public we are offering architectural tours, presentations, discussions as well as interactive programmes for kindergarten- and school-children.

Network building

A constant and core part of KÉK’s work is establishing and developing the sector’s relationship with partner organisations, academic and research institutions, manufacturers, developers, investors and other interested parties. KÉK has positive and active relationship with all architectural associations and chambers, the ministry in charge, the decision makers of the town- and municipality leadership, and the majority of the institutions involved with the higher education of architecture and arts. KÉK joined the web of international architectural and cultural institutions, which ensures great opportunity to implement international partnership projects, furthermore, facilitates exchange programs to promote Hungarian architecture abroad.


KÉK started its activity in 2006 with opening its cultural premises in Budapest, Nefelejcs street in a former warehouse in the backyard of a museum. The warehouse was in bad shape unused for decades and needed significant improvements to accommodate events and the public. The building was a catalyst in KÉK’s story: it did not only give form to the organization but also determined many of its activities, helping the construction of its identity. By opening a backyard to the local street network and turning it into a lively and accessible space, KÉK increased visibility for the area to a city-wide audience.

The first phase of KÉK’s operations in Nefelejcs street ended in 2008 when the centre moved to the very heart of the city into an office building managed by ORCO Property Group. The 7-storey, 6000m2 downtown building offered very different possibilities. By using the façade and roof for exhibitions and screenings, KÉK attempted to bring the building temporarily back into the public realm. This experiment for temporary use ended in the second hald of 2008.

Since then the centre is looking intensely for its future premises, but is also permanently carrying out programmes at various sites with great enthusiasm.


Local institutions, organizations and universities

Association of Building Sciences · Association of Hungarian Architects · Hungarian Chamber of Architects · Budapest Chamber of Architects · Budapest University of Technology and Economics · Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest · Szent István University Ybl Miklós Faculty of Architecture · Széchenyi István University Faculty of Technical Sciences · University of Pécs Pollack Mihály Technical Faculty · University of Western-Hungary, Institute for Applied Arts

Foreign cultural representatives

Ceske Centrum · Danish Cultural Institute · EUNIC – EU National Institutes for Culture · French Institute · Goethe Institute · Japan Foundation · Polish Institute · Pro Helvetia · Royal Embassy of the Netherlands

International institutions

ARCAM - Architectuurcentrum Amsterdam · Architectuur Lokaal · AzW - Architectur Zentrum Wien · Berlag Institute, Rotterdam · CCEA - Centre for Central European Architecture, Prague · CIVA - The International Centre For Urbanism, Architecture and Landscape · DAZ - Deutsches Architectur Zentrum, Berlin · Hungarian Institute, Prague · · Nextroom, Wien · SRTOOM Den Haag

Media partners

A10 · ERA21 · Építészfórum · HG · A10 · Octogon · Res Publica Nowa


Founding Document

Activity Reports: 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016

Organizational and Operational Regulations


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