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Since its foundation in 2006, KÉK has developed from a bottom-up initative into an internationally reknowned professional platform. Throughout its decade long operation, the oragnisation has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and experience in modern urban rehabilitation approaches, organising cultural events as well as in community development.

Community building

Throught its programmes and research activity, KÉK is committed to facilitating the involvement of a wide range range of stakeholders in redifining and rehabilitating our urban neighbourhoods. Several projects KÉK is involved in focuses on developing sustainable urban communities, inlcuding community growing areas in regenerated neighbourhoods and the Budapest 100 festival which mobilises thousands of residents and volunteers. Building on our local knowledge and international experience, we take on:

  • the preparation of community centred regeneration projects
  • consultation with local stakeholders (communities, businesses and private entreprises) and
  • incorporating their feedback in the development process

Research, consultation

KÉK has an expert-advisory role in collaborating with Councils, universities, research centres and professional organisations. Members of the executive board often take part in developing planning strategies and action programmes as well as write critiques, studies and summaries on national and international media requests.

Start a project!

KÉK is an open organisation and we are happy to receive proposals and ideas for projects which fit in with our profile. If you are interested in delivering a project with the insitutional background and professional experience of KÉK, please get in touch with us and send your suggestion to info@kek.org.uk. Our curators will assess the proposals and if they fit in with KÉK`s mission and timetable, we will gladly work with you.

KÉK+ Mentorprogram


The continued success of KÉK is supported primarily by volunteers: Since 2006, hundreds of volunteers, including professionals and other enthusiasts, have given their time or work for free to support the organisation. Volunteering with us is a great opportunity for joining the deisgn and architecture community of Budapest. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us at info@kek.org.hu.


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