The Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK) is a multifunctional project space with focus on architectural and urban questions. Being the first architecture-themed cultural location in Buda it is a(n):

Opening hours: Mo-Fr 09:00 - 18:00 (and during weekend-events)

Coworking Office Prices

Prices and services Monthly pass Part-time monthly pass Student monthly pass Daily ticket
Price 30.000 Ft 20.000 Ft 20.000 Ft 3.000 Ft
Number of working days 30 10 20 1
Validity 1 month 1 month 1 month 1 day
Access to magazines
Non-stop entry - - -
Use of meeting room free of charge 5 h / month - -
Meeting room discount for additional hours - 50% 50% 50%

Venue rental

The bright, multipurpose space is ideal for exhibitions, professional workshops, conferences, gatherings, film screenings, presentations, press conferences, meetups and trainings. It is suited for professional audience, locals and students alike given its central location. The street level gallery (172 m2) has a capacity of 120 persons. For a customized offer contact at info@kek.org.hu.

Coworking office

Spacious office with central location, near Gellért square and the university. 30 working units on the ground floor gallery (180 m2). For meetings and workshops a meeting room and the basement (100 m2) is available. Come and work at KÉK, wireless is very good, there is coffee and even KÉK-beer – the professional surrounding is just an additional flavour to the beer. For further information please contact at info@kek.org.hu.

Great hall

The great hall can accommodate conferences, meetups, screenings, exhibitions and fashion shows. There are 120 seats on the gallery (90 m2). Sound equipment and projector is available for conferences and other programs.

Small room

The 40 m2 room on the ground floor is ideal for talks, presentations and screenings – with 40 seats.


The 100 m2 basement is for workshops and screenings. It also serves as a storage for members of the coworking office.


Catering for conferences and other events is also available. The place is suitable for coffee break, breakfast and buffet meals.

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