The Viz Business event

Architecture visualization as competitive advantage

The KÉK – Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre and Brick Visual organized The VizBiz professional conference and workshop on May 10-11. 2019.

The Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center, in partnership with the Brick Visual Architectural Designer, was working on the benefits of architectural visual design (AV). The event introduced best practices for strategic management of AV workflows, as well as companies that have achieved significant growth through its strategic application. The conference also explored how new technology solutions can improve customer relationships, communication, and sales performance. The conference sought to expand the dialogue on the methods of practicing the profession at a time when it is possible to "think ahead", to prepare for a period of economic downturn that may change the current business cycle. Another goal was to provide young career starters, who have already established an office for emerging architects, with forward-looking, technology-oriented, business-specific business and business development skills.

The first day of the two-day professional conference started with public presentations, where keynote lectures by international experts on the subject was followed by a presentation by Hungarian professionals. The lectures ended with a plenary session and a debate. After the conference, The Art of Viz Business organised a free entry exhibition dedicated to Architectural Visualization, where had met the region's top artists and checked out their architectural images, animations and even VR and AR projects. On the second day of the conference, participants had learned easy-to-learn visual design techniques in a workshop that can be incorporated into the everyday practice of architectural firms without major investment.

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