Community Gardens
For self-sustaining communities
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Community Gardens

KÉK has been engaged in acclimatization and dissemination of urban gardening in Hungary since 2010. Establishing show-gardens has helped its initiative to become a self-organizing movement. Our foundation has contributed in setting up many community- and school gardens as professional partner and operating four community gardens in Budapest.

Community gardens are living green surfaces in the texture of the City having a lot of different function: community events, environment protection, healthcare, education and modern scenes of community culture.In addition to that areas of relaxation and recreation, live green islands in the concrete landscape and last but not at least vegetables could be grown in there.

Urban gardening that is suited to be a small-scale probation of self-sufficiency is capable to get together people with different sociocultural background and from different age-cohort. Gardeners changed point of view and new skills gained from the common gardening could be practicing in other areas of their life. Community gardeners have growing sense for contribution and responsibility, they are environmentally conscious, respectful residents of the City.

Utilizing experiences of the past years from the perspective of the society and livable city the Program’s long term ambitions are implementation of various tools and methods. It is substantial for a citizen to learn how to adapt him/herself to the climate change, therefore we are also looking for urban development tools and methods are using renewable energy, we give space for innovative and pilot models as well.

Via gardens and public propagatory programs notions related to the urban life such as “heat island” and “reducing ecological footprint” could become easy to understand to everybody. By our campaigns we would like to share such knowledge with the citizens that helps them to become conscious city users both individually and as members of local communities contributing in reduction of the climate change’s harmful effects.

With our activity we could be conducive to microclimate improvement of our local milieu and our city’s by following an environment- conscious and sustainable way of life.

Dr. Pink Edit

Dr. Pink Edit

Coordinator in the community gardens programme. Legal expert and qualified organic farmer. She has more than 12 years of experience in EU project planning, management and monitoring in many fields such as vocational training and adult education training and community development. With her knowledge in the field of climate change adoptation provides expertise to community gardens program’s subproject such as community composting and urban climate adaptation, Being member of the board and operatíve director of Digital Opportunity Foundation she is committed to undertaking actions to establish and development of projects promote interconnectivity between the natural enviroment and the digital world.

Monika Kertész

Monika Kertész

Founding member and curator of KÉK, she participates in its activities from the begining 2005. Educated as a cultural manager, interior designer and financial accountant. In KÉK she responsible for the operational and financial management of the Foundation. She believes in built environmental education, helped start the ArchiKids Festival Budapest, and is heading the Community gardens program. With her organizational, financial and problem-solving skills she leading KÉK’s operative and financial functioning. She regards social and environmental issues as inherently interrelated, and believes that active local communities may bring about fundamental changes in Hungary, while they learn about cooperation, solidarity and new forms of trust. With her activity in adaptation of methodology, legal background and models of community gardening to the Hungarian environment in the frame of the Community gardens program since 2010 she became a significant actor and expert of community gardening movement in Hungary.


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