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Film Club

The Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre’s Film Club series focused not on film, but the film’s spectator: architects were invited to show one of their favorite films, films taht inspire them the most. The screenings were followed by informal discussions on movies, the nature of inspiration and human stories associated with architecture.

Guests were among others: Jozsef Finta (Island Barren), Bálint Nagy (Walls), Péter Kis (Once Upon a Time in the West), Tamas Szentirmai (Man on Wire), Balazs Irimiás (Exit Through The Gift Shop), Peter Pozsár and Dominika Tihanyi (Architekten).

Noémi Soltész

Noémi Soltész

Architect, graduated from Vitus Bering UC Denmark in 2004 and Budapest University of Technology in 2008. In 2010 she co-founded her architecture and design studio Nanavízió. In her free time she is a Member of the Board of Izabella Street Gallery and Street Art for Housewives Organisation. Noémi took part in KÉK’s programs as an enthusiastic activist and bartender at KÉK’s former venues in Nefelejcs Street and Szervita Square, and since 2011 she is a curator of KÉK and Budapest Architecture Film Days.


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