Communites for Elizabeth Town


The informal civic organization called Böske (abbreviation for Elizabeth Town, the 7th district of Budapest) was created with the aim to make this part of the city more livable, likable and human through the cooperation of its citizens. Activists and civil society actors met regularly and organized cultural and professional programs, public discussions and workshops. Our goal is to make this historically dominant part of the city more attractive, revitalize local traditions and to facilitate communication between people.

Monika Kertész

Monika Kertész

Founding member and curator of KÉK, she participates in its activities from the begining 2005. Educated as a cultural manager, interior designer and financial accountant. In KÉK she primarily coordinates the Budapest100, Pecha Kucha Night and is heading the Community gardens program and responsible for the operational management of the Foundation. With her organizational, financial and problem-solving skills she leading KÉK’s operative functioning. She regards social and environmental issues as inherently interrelated, and believes that active local communities may bring about fundamental changes in Hungary, while they learn about cooperation, solidarity and new forms of trust.


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