2022. november 14.

Team Sofia in Budapest: sharing urban stories on involvement, policy and vision

Recent times have seen a resurgence of civil society activism at the urban level. Democratizing technological solutions, stronger focus on open government and transparency, as well as easy connectivity between various activist groups have all provided conditions for this. But how can activism transcend the political barrier and realistically include citizens in urban policymaking?

Ljubo Georgiev and Joro Penchev from Team Sofia in Bulgaria will share experiences and aspirations for their new project, building upon previous showcase work on creating the long-term municipal strategy Vision Sofia 2050 and on reforming the city's planning unit.

Their presentations will provide a starting point for open discussions and information sharing on topics such as: political involvement of civil activists, the role of experts in the city's political establishment, data-based urban policymaking, radical inclusivity, holistic approaches to urban planning, urban utopianism, modern day technological solutions to citizen disengagement, among others.

Everyone interested in these trends is welcome to join us at the KÉK, on Nov. 14th at 16:00h.

‼️ The event is free and open for everyone, but you need to REGISTER HERE!


1111 Budapest, Bartók Béla út 10-12.
16200151-18538407 (Magnet Bank)
H - CS 09:00 - 16:00