Aug. 31, 2023

Power of Possibilities – INOTA Festival's inspirational forum on the potential of disused (factory) sites for a functional change

2023.08.31. 11:00-17:00 Béke Művelődési Ház

How can we harness innovation-based cultural and regional values to drive development? How can we effectively apply creative know-how? How can we recognize and rethink our own possibilities to achieve stronger motivation? As part of the Veszprém-Balaton 2023 European Capital of Culture programme INOTA Festival would like to explore the new potentials of vacant spaces and unused factory areas to rethink their future operation strategies.

The Power of Possibilities inspiration forum will be held on - 31st August in the Peace Cultural Center at Várpalota. The moderated panel talks and presentations aim to initiate dialogues that activate various areas of knowledge concerning the cultural and industrial utilization possibilities of the Inota power plant complex and other brownfields. The conference will present successful case studies and strategies on the potential functions of different buildings, creative content development, reindustrialization, collective memory research, and education. The organizers strongly believe in the impact of local and international good examples, forward-looking and realistically achievable visions.

In cooperation with the Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK), participants can learn about the success story of Torula from Győr and Zsolnay Cultural Quarter from Pécs and the Trans Europe Halles European network of cultural centres initiated by citizens and artists. Their member institutions' common aim is to support alternative culture by revitalizing industrial buildings. The presenters of the Power of Industries panel will share their experiences about different rehabilitation strategies which helped them to create new functions and financially sustainable operating models in peripheral city zones.

The Power of Creativity section’s invited speakers are founders and organizers of legendary Polish, Czech and German audiovisual festivals, such as Unsound in Krakow, Lunchmeat Festival in Prague, CTM - Festival for Adventurous Music and Art in Berlin and American-German Happy Locals. In their presentations, they show some unique solutions which can help to make an abandoned location or area attractive again.

Csaba Katona, the deputy mayor of Várpalota, representatives of TÚRAJÓ walking tours and Almásfüzitői Asset Management, which coordinate the operation of the Inota Thermal Power Plant area, together with INOTA Festival’s organizers, will express their opinion on some common topics. What kind of future vision local history can provide for creative initiatives in the brownfields? How heritage protection and social responsibility can be connected in the model of sustainable real estate management by developing specific local features and preserving territorial values?

In addition to the thematic sections of the inspiration forum, a video installation composed form archive footages and film excerpts, as well as a data visualization exhibition of TÁJTÉKA research material await the visitors. TÁJTÉKA is an Intelligent Land Use Toolkit on the Balaton Uplands which are focusing on the region's heritage and future.

The patron of the conference is Márta Campanari-Talabér, mayor of Várpalota.

  • Invited guests: Mat Schulz, Kuba Pesek, Dimitri Hegemann, Oliver Baurhenn, Csilla Raffai, Csaba Katona, Mátyás Kálmán, István Hutvágner, Sebestyén Antal, Zsófia Rechnitzer, Márk Hummel, Tiffany Fukuma
  • Moderators: Samu Szemerey, Dániel Kovács, András Varga G., Andrea Kovács
  • Creative management: Let it Be! art agency
  • Co-operation partners: Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Centre (KÉK), Municipality of Várpalota, TÚRAJÓ, Almásfüzitői Asset Management KFT
  • Supported by: Institut français de Budapest, Czech Center



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