• July 3, 2023

We invite applications for program organisers and speakers for the afternoon sessions of the INTELLIGENT LANDSCAPES conference, which will take place between 09-11 November 2023.

Our aim is to provide a platform for other, even lesser-known topics, methods, good practices and research, in addition to the programme put together by the curatorial team of the event. By expanding the range of content organisers for the conference, we hope to involve as many people as possible in shaping the vision of the Lake Balaton Uplands.

In the afternoon sessions, we are looking for innovative, vibrant, out-of-the-comfort-zone formats and types of programs that are different from the usual frontal conference presentations. For this reason, we are very open to your ideas, but we have also prepared some suggestions to help you formulate your program plans. Of course, you can also apply with classical presentations, but programs structured with a "learning by doing" approach, i.e. where visitors become active participants in the topic, rather than just listening parties, are preferable.

You can therefore apply in one of the following program formats, but we also welcome other options:

  • Workshop
  • Interactive program (e.g. craft activity, public space program, children's activity, etc.)
  • Presentation
  • Exhibition
  • Guided walk or tour (even outside Veszprém)
  • Other

Programs are expected in three topics, which you can read more about below. The themes are open to interpretation, so that the program can relate to them only indirectly, but in a way that is understandable and educative. This gives the opportunity to address a wider range of age and social groups.


The economy and tourism of Veszprém and the Lake Balaton uplands are currently showing a strong development trend, but awareness and the exploitation of the potential of cooperation between local actors is still missing from the system. Our aim is to unlock the hidden, untapped economic potential of the region, which is abundant in this area. There are not only negative trends (migration, depopulation, seasonality, rising property prices, etc.) but also positive processes, which in practice are still present as isolated islands. Through conscious, more organised cooperation, a much more stable regional network can be created, bringing together bottom-up and top-down initiatives, linking new career paths and landscape use, creating forward-looking sub-regional career models and local product chains. We believe in using locally available resources to build a sustainable, long-term, resilient economic and social ecosystem with a place for industry, agriculture and culture.


Looking at climate-conscious, adaptive landscape management, we find a number of innovative, sustainable solutions to new needs in the Veszprém and Lake Balaton Uplands region. At the same time, there is no consciously structured discourse on what new directions should be considered in terms of nature conservation, hydrology and ecology, nor is there a consensus on the current landscape use patterns themselves and their evaluation. A shared vision, the conscious and coordinated use, conservation and development of the landscape is a critical issue for the future of the region if sustainable landscape management is to be achieved. This requires comparing societal needs with the opportunities and constraints of natural resources, and identifying the optimum way to preserve and use the landscape as a natural capital in the best possible way for all communities. This vision can be shaped by the results of science, lessons learnt from similar landscapes, and by understanding the perspectives of and dialogue between different groups.


The Lake Balaton Uplands (and the Káli Basin in particular) have undergone radical changes in the last 50 years, for which the region was not prepared. Old values, traditions and farming solutions are facing inevitable change, but at the same time they provide an excellent basis for new, innovative solutions. The combination of tradition and contemporary trends could be the key to reconciling the conflicts that have arisen and to creating a diverse region that is liveable, welcoming and inclusive for all. We would like to explore how common denominators can be created, how actors can work together towards common goals and what the role of Veszprém as a centre of culture and economic capital can be in this process. Our aim is to find the factors that will make it a good place to live in the Lake Balaton Uplands, regardless of generation, many years from now.

What we offer to selected program organisers:

  • Free admission to all events at the INTELLIGENT LANDSCAPES conference
  • Reimbursement of the cost of equipment for the program up to 60 EUR, or by special arrangement
  • Provision of the necessary venue for the program
  • VEB2023 Program Organiser's Gift Package
  • Free meals during the conference

What the selected organiser must commit to:

  • Consultation with the main organisers to clarify the program and make any necessary changes
  • Provision of 1 title and 1 description of max. 500 characters
  • Provision of 1 photo illustrating the program
  • Preparation and purchase of equipment and supplies needed for the program
  • Independent implementation of the program at a time and place agreed in advance

Applications can be submitted by clicking HERE until midnight 06. Aug. 2023.


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