Attics in the fabric of architectural heritage


The conference aimed to give an overview on the possibilities of loft developments at architectural heritage sites, comparing the succesful Austrian practice with the Hungarian situation. The conference provided a forum for professional debates and a chance to reveal conflicts regarding the possibilities, bounderies and regulation of developments.

The first section investigated the background and evolution of the Hungarian situation by means of presenting some of the finest recent examples from Budapest. Architects, experts of the National Office of Cultural Heritage, preservation specialists were invited together with regional chief architects and municipality decision makers.

In the second section we selected some of the most innovative examples from the rich rootscape of Vienna, where we invited city designers, architects from the best Austrian offices.

Bálint Kádár

Bálint Kádár

Architect, urban scholar, he got an MSc in Architecture degree in 2003 with diploma price and a PhD degree in 2015 at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He is teaching and doing research at the department of Urban Planning and Design at BME, where he defended his PhD dissertation entitled: Pedestrian space usage of tourist-historic cities – comparing the tourist space systems of Vienna and Prague to Budapest”. He is activist in architectural NGOs since 2000, organising conferences, workshops and social events in the memo association until 2006, and in KÉK since then. He also runs his architecture studio, involved in works from building design to tourism development concepts, participating in exhibitions and competitions.


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