Problematic Heritage
Problematic Heritage

Problematic Heritage

The problematic heritage conference was conceived with the goal to widen the perspectives of heritage protection in Hungary. In the first block a series of interventions were presented focusing on the use of contemporary tools in architecture, to give a wider view and good examples to follow. We were focusing on good interventions from Central Europe. In the second block architects and curators from Central Europe presented selected projects of interest that reveal problematic aspects of the special architectural heritage of the 20th century in Central Europe. Theoretical discussions analysed the possibilities of use and protection of the modern and socialist architecture.

Bálint Kádár

Bálint Kádár

Architect, urban scholar, he got an MSc in Architecture degree in 2003 with diploma price and a PhD degree in 2015 at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. He is teaching and doing research at the department of Urban Planning and Design at BME, where he defended his PhD dissertation entitled: Pedestrian space usage of tourist-historic cities – comparing the tourist space systems of Vienna and Prague to Budapest”. He is activist in architectural NGOs since 2000, organising conferences, workshops and social events in the memo association until 2006, and in KÉK since then. He also runs his architecture studio, involved in works from building design to tourism development concepts, participating in exhibitions and competitions.


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