Premier Plan
Public debate

Premier Plan

At the request of the Hungarian National Museum KÉK organized two debates to discuss the competition entitled the “Complex development of the main building of the National Museum and its surrounding area”. The first evening focused on the competition process and the awarded plans. The second evening addressed the winning plan, its further development opportunities and limitations. The discussions provided an insight into the decision making process and into the complexity of the sixty three submitted plans.

Samu Szemerey

Samu Szemerey

Architect and urbanist interested in design as inquiry. His works investigate the relationship of contemporary culture, accessible technology and the human environment. He is a founding member and curator of KÉK Hungarian Contemporary Architecture Center. He has taught, published and lectured internationally. As a consultant and strategist he works with cities, institutions and private clients. He has directed workshops, research projects and curated exhibitions and public programs. From 2014 he also works with Design Terminal as advisor in urbanism. His ongoing PhD research focuses on networked technologies in urban space. He is based in Budapest.


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